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Level stats
-ENGLISH. Effects of the level in attributes and its correlation with certain skills. Shared experience of the hero with his units.

If your unit is of a higher level, it will have greater attack and greater armor against lower level units. If your unit has the skill Toughness, his health also increases by 5 points each level. The speed of the unit is not affected. Aside, there are aesthetic effects when reaching certain levels: level 6, the unit turns silver; level 12, bronze color; level 18, golden.

Heroes share 60% of their experience points with the units they have under their command, with the exception of the gaul hero, that can share up to 72% (0.6 x 1.2) with his skill Leadership.

The extra bonuses in attack and armor do not follow a fixed pattern, that is, having an extra level does not not provide exactly one more point of attack or armor. I do not know the exact formula on which it is based, but it must be some kind of percentage increase based on the attack and armor of the unit. For example: a level 99 viking lord with 120 of attack can deal up to 220 of damage to a level 1 unit, but a level 99 tribune with 40 of attack surely can not deal more than 75 of damage to a level 1 unit.

The extra armor added by the level is separated from the normal armor, so it's not affected (to some extent) by skills like penetration. The least damage a unit can do to another unit of higher level is 10% of its attack (if a unit of level 1 with 40 of attack attacks another of level 99, at least it will deal 4 of damage).

The extra attack also counts on the effect of certain skills, such as Triple Strike and Expertise.

In the Triple Strike has an obvious function, tripling the extra attack. Expertise is a more complex skill. In order for Expertise to activate, your unit has to overcome the enemy's armor completely and deal +1 of damage to that which is common in the unit. Hence, if your unit ignores the enemy defense with assault (cry) or bloodlust (or the enemy's base defense is 0), a level 2 unit with Expertise directly eliminates a level 1 unit. Any increase in attack contributes to this ability: concentration stone, team attack of Rome, frenzy of Carthage, bonuses of stand ground...

As an extra piece of information: when using the Learning skill, or the research of the Britain forum that gives you the level of the higher level unit that you have eliminated, what is calculated in the effect (or should be calculated in theory) is the level that the unit would possess without being assigned to a hero or without having the object "Boar teeth".

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