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Question About old OST saga
Hello to the whole community.

I write in this section to add a data that I would like to be implemented in the game in some way. Since I can not find a respective post, I decided to post it in this section.

I would like, if possible, this version of Imperivm by steam to add the old OST of Imperivm II and Imperivm I. There are soundtracks that I love to hear when I play Imperivm III.

I have all the games of the saga and what I used to do was send the OST (* .ogg) of Imperivm I and Imperivm II to the corresponding folder of Imperivm III to add more soundtracks while playing (especially because the soundtrack of Larax when I started playing the story mode of Imperivm I loved it, it's very epic for me to start a conquest).

For that reason I was wondering if there would be any possibility of implementing those music in any way to the game either base or by DLC ost.

Thank you

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Question About old OST saga - by Universe - 12-28-2018, 12:36 AM

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