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Greek Mod Version 2.1
(11-22-2023, 08:01 AM)vjeko1701 Wrote: Hello.

Within the Greek 2.1.1 mod, Ive created an expanded Conquest based upon the original Haemimont one.

It adds 4 fully scripted non-starting territories - Panonia and Dalmatia, Scandinavia, Anatolia and Northern Africa. Each fully scripted with bonuses, some events and some with some unique opponents.

Global map with edited menu

Scandinavia (Opponent is a mix of Gaul, German and Britain reflected by their edited town even using Teuton tent as a townhall - fully functional). Bonus is 4 Viking Lords and fully researched Warrior training.

North Africa (Opponent is Carthage without Nobles, mostly Numidians, Libyans and Berbers using Tribal tent as a functional townhall). Bonus is replenishing 10 Berbers, 10 Numidians and 10 Libyans.

Panonia-Dalmatia and Anatolia are more classic. The first features three separate opponents. A Greek city state, Gaul town and independant Latin Town (using Punic Rome). Bonus is 30 replenishing Teuton Wolves.

Anatolia has a Carthage and Egyptian towns as opponents. Bonus is 9000 gold mule at the start.

If you want to feature it as an official addon to your mod, I will be happy to give you the files to test, edit and polish as pleased.

❤️ Vjeko, you made a beautiful work ❤️
I'm also working with Axaros to make the next update for the Greek mod and for sure we will add this on the base greek. I'm also thinking to remove the "basic" conquest, leaving only yours (which replaces the basic one) and mare nostrum. I had the chance to try it thanks to Axaros and I really liked it, for now I have conquered Scandinavia and Panonia-Dalmatia and I watch the other 2 map.
I hope that in the future we can collaborate together on new projects, people like you are very precious in this community. If you have ideas for things (even not related to maps or editor), don't hesitate to call us, we will be very happy to integrate you into the projects of the next versions.

PS: I edited the post because the forum displays the thumbs-up emoji as a question mark

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