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We were Scammed?
- No news about updates for the digital edition
- No news about Imperivm Julius Caesar
- No news from FX interactive, their website is basically down and their social media are dead, no one respond to the emails
- No news from the kickstart campaign and the physical edition for the supporters
- Both Refunds and the physical copy for an underwhelming unsupported HD relase seems to be only a far mirage

We were scammed? So, this is what is FX Interactive in these days? They sold their good name and used a beloved classic to steal 63.198€ from their beloved costumers?

 I'm not going to support any more with crowd fuinding in the future, these websites, like kickstarter, are basically a shop window for scammers and thieves. At least in the past they had to send you email from Nigeria or were trying to sell you aphrodisiac pills...

 Very disappointed from what happened.

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