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Greek Mod Version 2.1

Within the Greek 2.1.1 mod, Ive created an expanded Conquest based upon the original Haemimont one.

It adds 4 fully scripted non-starting territories - Panonia and Dalmatia, Scandinavia, Anatolia and Northern Africa. Each fully scripted with bonuses, some events and some with some unique opponents.

Global map with edited menu

Scandinavia (Opponent is a mix of Gaul, German and Britain reflected by their edited town even using Teuton tent as a townhall - fully functional). Bonus is 4 Viking Lords and fully researched Warrior training.

North Africa (Opponent is Carthage without Nobles, mostly Numidians, Libyans and Berbers using Tribal tent as a functional townhall). Bonus is replenishing 10 Berbers, 10 Numidians and 10 Libyans.

Panonia-Dalmatia and Anatolia are more classic. The first features three separate opponents. A Greek city state, Gaul town and independant Latin Town (using Punic Rome). Bonus is 30 replenishing Teuton Wolves.

Anatolia has a Carthage and Egyptian towns as opponents. Bonus is 9000 gold mule at the start.

If you want to feature it as an official addon to your mod, I will be happy to give you the files to test, edit and polish as pleased.

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